When you surround yourself with great people, it elevates who you are. If you want to have great character, surround yourself with people of great character. If you want to take great risks, surround yourself with a tribe of risk takers. If you want to live a life adventure, then choose a tribe that makes life an adventure. You will become who you walk with. So imagine the implications if you decide to walk with Jesus. When He calls you, He never calls you to only yourself. He always calls you to a people. He always calls us to each other. So the questions remain, who are you with? Who have you given yourself to? Who are you willing to stand shoulder to shoulder with, come hell or high water, and who is with you? Who can you trust? Who's got your back? Who will pick you up when you fall? Find Your People!! #findyourtribe #waragainstaverage #wakeupandlive Wake Up and Live - Empowere - Blessed - Loved 

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