Recalibrating -WUAL (Episode 96)

August 14, 2017

Just because an opportunity was missed does not mean it is lost forever. God's system of Recalibration is explained so well in Romans 8:28: "All things works together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose." So even though I may make a bad decision or two along the way in life god has already provision for His purpose to prevail. Wake Up and Live -Empowered - Blessed - Loved #recalibrating #godspurpose #needofanenemy


Who Are You Following? - WUAL (Episode 95)

August 11, 2017

In our battle against any enemy, we hold a distinct advantage. We not only have God on our side, but we also have God on our inside-in the person of the Holy Spirit. So Who Are You Following? What voices are you listening to, that guide you through different battles in life? In the aftermath of any battle you will need time to heal and strenthen yourself. And who guides you in that time is a big difference. Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed - Loved #whoareyoufollwing #holyspirit #godspurpose #needforanenemy


Watch What You Magnify - WUAL (Episode 94)

August 10, 2017

To get out from underneath the threat of an enemy, Watch What You Magnify. When you're pursuing your purpose, it would be in your enemy's best interest not to fight you. But it would be in God's best interest to have him fight. Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed - Loved #watchwhatyoumagnify #battlebelongstothelord 


The Nukes In Your Arsenal - WUAL (Episode 93)

August 9, 2017

The two greatest Nukes In Your Arsenal against the enemy are Grace and Mercy. Listen today as I go over some of the weapons of warefare that you and have as christians. Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed - Loved #nukesinyourarsenal #weaponsofwarfare #graceandmercy 


Guard Your Investment In Destiny - WUAL - (Episode 92)

August 9, 2017

Could your difficulty today only be a sign of how awesome your tomorrow will be? Could be that your enemy knows something about you that you don't even know about yourself? Guard Your Investment In Destiny because if you don't the enemy will try to steal your future and your offsprings future. Peter didn't walk on water but he walked on the Word from Jesus. So get a word of faith from God to walk on the stromy waters that life brings you. Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed - Loved #destiny #faith #enemy #purposeofgod


W2 Saturday Mornings Worship and Word (Revelations 4)

August 5, 2017

 Take time to Refuel - Refresh - Restore yourself by listen to W2 Worship and The Word. Every moment spent in the presence of God is a moment your life can change forever. #W2 #Worship&Word #Godspresence



The Three Courts Of Intimacy - WUAL - (Episode 91)

August 4, 2017

In a relationship, as you move from your first date to marriage, there are three levels: an outer court, an inner court and the holy of holies. Listen and I talk about The Three Courts Of Intimacy  and the understanding that some realtionship are in your life for reasons and seasons. #threecourtsofintimacy #needforanenemy #godspurpose Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed - Loved 


Weapons Of Mass Destruction Pt 3 (Need of an Enemy) WUAL (Episode 89)

August 2, 2017

Our enemies whether our weaknesses, circumstances, deep-seated sins, other people, or any other challenge, can become our stepstool to new breakthroughs in life. The enemy will use Weapons Of Mass Destruction to try and keep you from God's plan for you. But what God uses those enemies to be a blessing in disguise - if only we recognize and face them head-on. Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed - Loved #weaponsofmassdestruction #needofanenemy #godspurpose 


Weapons Of Mass Destruction Pt 2 (Need of an Enemy) WUAL (Episode 88)

August 1, 2017

Enemies are the people, mindsets, weaknesses, and situations that try to destroy your passion for God's purpose and plans for your life. Today we continue to look at the Weapons Of Mass Destruction. Don't let your enemies discourage you another day! Understand them, embrace them, conquer them.... and then enjoy the spoils of victory. Wake Up and LiveEmpowered - Blessed - Loved  #weaponsofmassdestruction #needofanenemy #godspurpose  


Weapons Of Mass Destruction Pt 1 (Need of an Enemy) WUAL (Episode 87)

July 28, 2017

I think that these Weapons Of Mass Destruction the Enemy uses to sabotage our purpose are the one that you, too, will have to take on at some point in your life. They're so dangerous because they usually don't show up as Goliaths. Instead, at least in the beginnning, they tend to be unobtrusive. They are often stealthy, silent and disguised. Their appearence is gradual, and instead of mounting a frontal attack, they tend to snipe at you from behind over time and wear you down. So today Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed - Loved to distance yourself from some of these weapons, kill few of them off. #weaponsofmassdestruction #godspurpose #wakeupandlive @wakeupandlivecf 


Get Rid of That Boat - (Need For An Enemy Pt 9) WUAL (Episode 86)

July 25, 2017

Sometimes in life we hold onto things of our past. God calls us to step out in faith but you and I keep a plan B always there in the back of our mind. Like the Apostle Peter who kept his boat around even though God had called him something greater. so today Get Rid Of That Boat of your past and step out into faith givne purpose and destiny of God. Wake and Up Live - Empowered - Blessed - Loved #getridofthstboat #needforanenemy #weaponsofmassdestruction


Depression Is Not An Enemy (Need For an Enemy Pt 8) WUAL (Episode 85)

July 24, 2017

If you can beat it in your mind, you can beat it in your life.  Depression is in the soul part of us -not the spirit or body. That sounds simple enough, but most people don't understand that happiness and sadness don't come from other people or from acquiring stuff, these are discovered in your mind. Depression Is Not An Enemy but a season in life that we need to press through so it doesn't keep us from our purpose and destiny. Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed -Loved. #depression #needforanenemy #joyovercoming 


The Road To Rest (Getting off The Struggle Bus Pt 3) Sunday Sermon Series

July 23, 2017

Today message continuing Getting Off The Struggle Bus series with a new fresh look at Psalms 23. The Road To Rest how you and I can experince God's rest while riding on the struggle bus. With all the barries in our live that keep us from rest this Psalms shows us to find that peac and margins in our lives to reach a rest. Wake UP and Live - Empowered - Blessed - Loved. #roadtorest #Psalms23 #gettingoffthestrugglebus


The Breaking Of The Yoke - (Need Of an Enemy Pt 7) WUAL Week Days (Episode 84)

July 21, 2017

Can what the bible defines as our "flesh" (wanting to live life our way instead of God's way) become a serious enemy? Yes, but we certainly don't have to be dominated by fleshly desires! We all decisions we make about what will dominate our thinking and determineour belief systems. Your flesh has desires all day long. If you focus on those disires, your thoughts will bring you into captivity to what your flesh wants. But you can also focus on God's desires. If you focus on those desires, then you spirit will bring you into captivity to the will of God. Break The Yoke in your life by becoming fat on the things of God. Wake Up and live - Empowered - Blessed - Loved  #breakingtheyoke #becominggodfat 


The Enemy Within - (Need For an Enemy Pt 6) WUAL Week Days (Episode 83)

July 19, 2017

We don't live by what you we see, but the Enemy wants you to live by something that you saw, something that contradicted what God said about you, because even he knows that what's in you is always greaterthan what's around you. Don't take your battles too personally. It's not aboout you; it's about what is in you. That is why The Enemy Within is one you need to conquer before it steals your destiny. Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed - Loved #enemywithin #needforanenemy #purpose #destiny 


Are You Sure You Want To Be Blessed? (Need Of an Enemy Pt5) WUAL Week Days (Episode 82)

July 17, 2017

You are not really blessed when you get a new fishing rod or dress. You are really blessed when people are talking about you like a dog! Are You Sure You Want to Be Blessed? Then you must go through persecution and realize that you have a traget on your back. The Enemy want to keep you from completing your purpose snd comes against you. But God promises victory over the Enemy and also promises progress toward accomplishing the next season of your purpose. Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed - Loved. #needofanenemy #blessingthroughpersecution 


The Truth About You (Getting Off The Struggle Bus Pt2) - Sunday Sermon Series

July 16, 2017

Today we continue on looking at How To Get Off The Struggle Bus. From Psalm 139 we are going to talk about The Truth About You. If you try to build a balanced life on a lie, it's not going to work. So through Psalm 139 we are going see some great truths about ourselves and about God that will change our lives forever. Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed - Loved  #Truthaboutyou #getoffthestrugglebus #psalm139 


W2 Saturday Mornings Worship and Word

July 15, 2017

Start your morning off with Worship and The Word. Time to get Refueled - Refreshed - Redeemed .. 


God Is The Closer - (Need For an Enemy) - WUAL (Episode 81)

July 14, 2017

When a baseball team is ahead by a run or two in the final innings of a game, a picture will be brought in to preserve the victory. This guy is a closer, often a big , mean-looking fellow with a three-day beard who throws hard strikes and looks like he want to bean evry batter! God is  not mean, but He is the ultimate Closer. He has the stuff to make sure you win. God is The Closer when you face your enemies. Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed - Loved #thecloser #needforanenemy 


The Deed Is In The Seed - (Need for An Enemy Pt 3) - WUAL (Episode 80)

July 13, 2017

Your assignment or purpose in life is not just to do something, however. Your purpose is to BE something. Real trouble will not come in life to challenge what you're doing: it will come to test who you are. Everything in life starts in seed form. The Deed Is In the Seed. when the enemy rises, God is allowing the resistence, because He knows what's on the inside of you and needs it to come out. What is in your seed? Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed - Loved #yourseed #theneedofandenemy


The Best Or The Worst Day - Need For an Enemy Pt 2 - WUAL

July 12, 2017

Is today going the best day or the worst day of your life. What if what you thought was the worst day actually was God using an enemy to turn it into the best day. God has a purpose for your life and mine, sometimes He uses the enemies of our life to open the doors to a new destiny. The Best Or The Worst Day might be understood in knowig your purpose. Wake Up and Live - Empowered - blessed - Loved  #worstdayorbest #needforanenemy 


The Water Walker - WUAL Week Days (Episode 77)

July 7, 2017

Today we look at the fifth miracle of Jesus in the book of John chapter 6:19. This is when Jesus turned the whitecaps into a red carpet. If you follow in the footsteps of Jesus long enough, you will eventually be The Water Walker. You'll go impossible places and do unimaginable things. Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed - Loved #waterwalker #miraculous 


Five Loaves and Two Fish -WUAL -Week Days (Episode 76)

June 30, 2017

Today episode we look at the miracle of the Five Loaves and Two Fish. We see how God can take the little we have and when put in His hands He will multiple it to meet our needs. Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed - Loved, to live a miraculous life. #twofish #miracles #livingthemiraculouslife 


Very Superstitious - WUAL Week Days (Episode 75)

June 29, 2017

When Jesus told the invalid to get up and walk, He was asking him to do something he hadn't done in thirty-eight years. And that's what it take if you want to experience the miraculous. You can't keep doing what you've always done! Infact, you might have to do something you haven't done in a long, long time. For some it is stopping  being Very Supertitious and begin to be the vessel of change that miraculous works through. Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed -Loved and allow allow an all owerful god to break all your assumptions about miracles. #miracles #wakeupandlive #newlife #beyondlimits 


Supernatural Synchronicity - WUAL Week Days (Episode 74)

June 27, 2017

The true test of our faith is not our actions. It's our reactions. It's relatively easy to act like Jesus. It's much harder to react like him. And forgiveness is the litmus test. Accident? Or divine apppointmet? It depends on your reaction. Today we look at Supernatural Synchronicity and how they effect our life and the lives of others around us. Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed - Loved and living a miraculous life. #synchronicity #11:11 #supernatural #wakeupandlive @wakeupandlivecf


When It Makes No Sense - Sunday Sermon Series

June 18, 2017

Sometimes things in life or stufff that happens just desont make sense. So as I continue on in the series about Great Lesson from those Less Known . By looking at the life of Hagar we can learn some great things about life When It Makes No Sense. So listen and share. Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed - Loved. @wakeupandlivecf #hargar #whenitmakesnosense 


Six Stone Jars - WUAL Week Days (Episode 73)

June 15, 2017

When Adam ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, the law of entropy was introduced into the equation of creation. Metal rusts, food rots, muscle atrophy, cells mutate. Star collapse, and people die. But there is no atom in your body, or in the universe, that is not subject to God's overidding authority. Not the water in Cana that filled those Six Stone Jars at a wedding reception. So when God ovverides a law of nature that He originally instituted, it's really a miracle within a miracle. So thank Him today for the miracles all around us. Wake Up and Live - Empower -Blessed - Loved and be apart of a miracle today.  #sixstonejars #miracles #nudgesomeone


Wine Maker - WUAL Week Days (Episode 72)

June 14, 2017

For those who know Him as the Son of God, it can be difficult to think of Jesus in human terms. But to fully appriciate His divinity, you cannot depreciate His humanity. Jesus had to be potty-trained like every baby before Him. He had to learn reading, writing, and arithmetic like the rest of us. And just like us, Jesus had to discover His destiny through a relationship with His heavenly Father. So today we look how Jesus step into His destiny as the Wine Maker the first miracle recorded that Jesus performed. Are you ready to step into your destiny through the miraculous? Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed - Loved to step into a place that God will use you for miracle. #miracle #destiny #firstmiracle #winemaker


Greater Things - WUAL Week Days (Episode 72)

June 13, 2017

When you subtract the miracles you're left with a very wise yet weak Jesus. I'm afraid this is the Jesus many people follow. He's kind and compassionate, but raw power is missing is action. So we follow His teachings but never experience His miracles. And that doesn't just fall short of the standard He set- it misses the point altogether. So today we look at Greater Things one of the boldest statements Jesus ever made. Wake Up and Live - Empowered -blessed - Loved and doing greater things in your life. #greaterthings #miracles #wakeupandlive


Coping with Critics - WUAL Week Days (Episode 70)

June 7, 2017

The more progress and growth you experience, the more jealousy you're likely to encounter. We all experience jealousy at some point in our lives, but critics are often consumed by it. So Coping with Critics and realize that those critics just might be the sign that you are heading in the right direction to your destiny. Wake Up and Live - Empowered -Blessed - Loved #copingwithcritics #jealousy #betrayal #wakeupandlive


Choose Your Mentors Well - WUAL Week Days (Episode 69)

June 6, 2017

The apostle Paul in Acts 20 gives us great insight on how to Choose Your Mentors Well. Paul layed out four qualities of a great mentor: humilty, profitable teaching, a commitment to preserverance and finishing well, and reliance on God's power. Today we explore each of these in depth. Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed - Loved #mentors #humility #perserverance #profitableteaching #relyonGod


Strength From Within - WUAL Week Days (Episode 68)

June 2, 2017

Pressure will eventually force us to reveal who we are on the inside. Strong character is the battering ram that allows us to break through obstacles and grow into a better life. How we respond to "little" character challenges today will have a big impact tomorrow. It takes time to build Strength From Within  but when we do it is a lasting foundation of character. Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed - Loved #character #strrengthfromwithin 


Let God Be Your I AM -WUAL Week Days (Episode 67)

June 1, 2017

Truth is the most powerful weapon we have against an avalanche of excuses. It takes  courage to be honest with yourslef about your explanations and alibis, but it is the only way to be free of them. Like Gods response to Moses excuses "I Am" This incomplete sentence was done on purpose for you and I and  Moses, becaue he wants us to fill in the blank because God is the I am for what ever you and I need. To Break the chain of excuses we need the truth and change our attitudes.  Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed - Loved #IAM #truth #changeattitude #endexcuses #wakeupandlive 


End Of Excuses - WUAL Week Days (Episode 66)

May 31, 2017

Although they come in different shapes and sizes, all excuses have one thing in common: They enable us to avoid facing the truth. So today lets look at the End Of Excuses by exposing what they really are and how they effect our future. Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed - Loved to overcome the excues in our life. #endofexcuses #breakfree #wakeupandlive 


Renewing Our Mind and Say Yes To God - WUAL Week Days (Episode 61)

May 23, 2017

If you want to embrace what God has designed specifically for you, you have to reject the temptation to conform to world's expectations. To keep yourself from conforming, you have to be "Transformed by the Renewing of your Mind." Then be willing to Say Yes To God. Real change begins when we are willing to take a risk on following God. Wake Up and Live _ Empowered - Blessed - Loved. #renewingofyourmind #sayyestoGod


W2 Saturday Morning Word and Worship (Ephesians 1)

May 20, 2017

W2 Worship & Word - Todays reading is from Ephesians chapter 1 with spotlight music from Kristine Dirmarco and Hillsong United. Get refueled and refreshed and open up your heart to a loving God Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed - Loved


Uniquely You - WUAL Week Days (Episode 59)

May 19, 2017

Why God made you unique is because He has  a unique purpose and destiny for your life. But it all starts knowing how much God loves you and how unique you are. So Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed - Loved today by God. #uniquelove #uniquepurpose #uniquedestiny 


A Dream Worth Pursuing - WUAL Week Days (Episode 58)

May 18, 2017

We need men who can dream of things that never were. (John F. Kennedy) Taking just one small step each day will help you develop the character and discipline that will change your life for the better. Will you push past the resistance to achieve the dream God has put in your heart? If we have A Dream Worth Pursuing, we can be committed, passionate, and sure that it's from God, but it's still not going to happen unless we take action - unless we trust God and step out. Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed  - Loved to accomplish your dreams. #dreams #intentionalliving #wakeupandlive


Asking More Questions - Intentional Living - WUAL Week Days (Episode 56)

May 15, 2017

Good questions are direct and elicit critical information. That's why our success will be determined, in part, by the kind of questions we ask --- of ourselves and others. Ben Franklin said that time is the "stuff of life". I would add: I think questions are the stuff of life, they are the key to knowning others, learning, solving problems, discovering, and understanding ourselves. Successful people are not afraid to ask themselves tough questions and then go deep to get the answers. So Ask More Questions and listen more for deep answers. Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed - Loved #askquestions #Intentionalliving #wakeupandlive


Choose Your Friends Wisely - Living Intentional WUAL Week Days (Episode 53)

May 10, 2017

"My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me." (Henry Ford) Do you have a friend who will challenge you when you need to be challenged? Someone who will step up and say, "Your out of line". I love you enough to challenge you? you know there are men and women who would have not cheated on their spouses if a friend had stepped up and asked, "Are you being faithful to your spouse? It is so important to Choose Your Friends Wisely! So do one thing today to improve your firendships. Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed - Loved. #choosewisely #liveintentional #wakeupandlive #friendships


You Get What You Give! - Season of Blessings (Sunday Sermon Series)

May 7, 2017

We're in a series on the Beatitudes - Jesus Secrets of Happiness. Four of these beatitudes deal with our relationship to God and four of them deal with our relationship to each other. Today we're going to look at Mercy which has to do with our relationship with others. Matthew 5:7 "Happy are the merciful, for they will have mercy shown to them." Jesus is saying You Get What You Give! Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed - Loved #mercy #yougetwhatyougive #wakeupandlive


Emotional Intelligence - Intentional Living - WUAL Week Days (Episode 51)

May 5, 2017

Research shows that, more than IQ or intelligence, EQ or emotional intelligence is the primary predicator of a person's success in life. People who are emotional intelligent are more successful than those who are only intellectually intelligent. We all know smart people who are dumb emotionally don't we? today we continue on and look at how we can change our emotions and be Emotional Intelligent by thinking like Christ and acting like Christ. Wake Up and Live  - Empowered - Blessed - Loved #emotionalintelligence #thinklikechrist #actlikechrist


Change Your Emotions - Intentional Living WUAL Week Days (Episode 50)

May 4, 2017

80 percent of drivers say they have been involved in road rage. One in twenty people have had a fight with a person living next door. 50 percent of people have reacted to a computer problem by hitting the computer, throwing something across the room, screaming. Depression and anxiety have overtaken physical ailments as the chief cause of long-term illness. What these statement say is you need to Change Your Emotions! Let's be intentional in one thing today about our emotions. instead of waking up depressed Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed - Loved. #justonemore #changeyouremotions #intentionalliving #wakeupandlive


Change Your Thinking - Intentional Living - WUAL Week Days (Episode 48)

May 2, 2017

"You become what you think about, most of the time" (Brian Tracy). What about you?  What have you been thinking about today? Studies show that people have anywhere from twenty thousand to sixty thoughts a day -that's about one a second! So are your thoughts focused on positive things or negative ones. If you want to be succesful in doing the one thing that God has for you, you need to be intentional in Changing Your Thinking. #changeyourthinking #intentional #wakeupandlive


Faith - Doubt - UnBelief - WUAL Week Days (Episode 46)

April 26, 2017

What area in your life you started out believing in Faith that God was going to move in this area. But then time passed and nothing seem to change and Doubt began to creep in. As more time passed you move to Unbelief thinking that there is no possible way things will change. What do you need to repent from the unbelief in the possibilties of __________? Wake Up and Live  Empowered - Blessed - Loved #unbelief #repent #wakeupandlive



How to Get Started to a Balanced Life - WUAL- Week Days (Episode 46)

April 24, 2017

Are you living a balanced life? If not, today on Wake Up and Live we look at how we can Get Started to a Balanced Life. All of us have blind spots in our life. We may think we are in balanced but if I was to ask those closest to you would they say the same. Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed - Loved and in Balance. #livinginbalance #gettingstarted #wakeupandlive #just1more


5 Needs of A Balanced Life - Wake Up and Live Week Days (Episode 45)

April 21, 2017

Today we look at the 5 areas of our life that need to be in balance, if we are to have a personal life in balance. In 5 Needs of A Balanced Life I look at Mental, Physical, Emotional, Social and Spirutal balance. Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed - Loved. #balancedlife #5needs #wakeupandlive


Living A Balanced Life -Wake Up and Live Week days (Episode 44)

April 20, 2017

Life has so many demands on us with work, family, friends, church all these things pulling on us in different directions and taking energy from us. What do we need to Live A Balanced Life? Follow on Wake Up and Live over the next few days as I discuss this and more. #balancedlife #wakeupandlive #just1more


Jesus VS Religion - Wake Up and Live Week days (Episode 43)

April 19, 2017

Many people confuse religion with Jesus even though Jesus taught against the religous spirit in the Bible. On todays podcast I am playing a piece from Jeferson Bethke entitiled "Why I Hate Religion But Love Jesus. Wake Up and Live  Empowered - Blessed - Loved knowing that Jesus wants a relationship with you not a religion. #jesusvsreligion #wakeupandlive #just1more


Trust In Jesus

April 18, 2017