In The Beginning - God Is Good Pt 2 - Sunday Sermon Series

January 15, 2018

Today I continue on in the Sunday Sermon series God Is Good. Because God is better than I think, I must adjust my thinking and tenderness of my heart until I live conscious of both His nature and His presence. And that awareness then become the reality I live from. To do this we need to look at In The Beginning where it all started where our authority had been giving, where it had been lost, then where it has been purchased back by Jesus Christ on the cross. Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed - Loved #Godisgood #authority #atthecross  


The Hidden Voice of Jesus - Jesus Speaks Pt 2 (Season of Listening) Sunday Sermon Series

August 7, 2017

After Jesus came out of the grave, His disciples learned to recognize Him, not by His physical appearance, but by His voice. Whenever they saw Him, they didn't recognize Him by His physical appearance. Their recognition was either voice-activated or activated by something He did. Today in The Hidden Voice of Jesus, we look at the story on the road to Emmaus where Jesus Speaks to two disciples. #jesusspeaks #hiddenvoiceofjesus #seasonoflistening Wake Up and Live -Empowered - Blessed - Loved 


The Truth About You (Getting Off The Struggle Bus Pt2) - Sunday Sermon Series

July 16, 2017

Today we continue on looking at How To Get Off The Struggle Bus. From Psalm 139 we are going to talk about The Truth About You. If you try to build a balanced life on a lie, it's not going to work. So through Psalm 139 we are going see some great truths about ourselves and about God that will change our lives forever. Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed - Loved  #Truthaboutyou #getoffthestrugglebus #psalm139 


How To Get Off The Struggle Bus - Soul Margin (Sunday Sermon Series)

July 10, 2017

So many times in life our lives become so full and all our space is filled up. Filled up with the worries and stresses of the world. Filled with work, relationships, activities ect... At some point our space is over  filled we end up on the Struggle Bus and we wonder how can we get off. Looking at Psalms 103 I give four simple and practical things you and i can do about margin and creating space in our lives in our Soul Margin by inviting praise into our everyday life. Wake Up and LiveEmpowered - Blessed - Loved #soulmargin #strugglebus #praise #Godisonthethrone


Living in Between Miracles - Sunday Sermon Series

July 2, 2017

The Christian life is supposed to be miraculous. Not a boring, dull, business as usual life. It's a miraculous life. Sometimes we miss it because we don't unerstand what miracles are. There's a lot of ways to think about this but really there's two specific kinds of miracles. There are supernatural miracles and there are life changing miracles. Today we look at Living in Between Miracles and learn from the life of Elisha on how we do this. @wakeupandlivecf #miracles #wakeupandlive #Elisha #abundantlife


Two Powerful Proclamations - Sunday Sermon Series

June 25, 2017

As I continue on with the series about Great Lessons From Lesser Known, today we are going to look at Two Powerful Proclamations one from Jonathan and the other from his armor bearer. #procalmations #greatlessons #perhapsgod #heartandsoul


When It Makes No Sense - Sunday Sermon Series

June 18, 2017

Sometimes things in life or stufff that happens just desont make sense. So as I continue on in the series about Great Lesson from those Less Known . By looking at the life of Hagar we can learn some great things about life When It Makes No Sense. So listen and share. Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed - Loved. @wakeupandlivecf #hargar #whenitmakesnosense 


Life of Gideon - Living A Significant Life - Sunday Sermon Series

June 11, 2017

Today we start a new series loooking at lesser known people in the bible to learn great lessons for life. We first look at the Life Of Gideon in Judges 6. God wants all of us to Live A Significant Life so that we can fulfill the promises and potentional and dreams God has for us. Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed - loved. #gideon #livingsignificantlife


Blessed Are Those Who Are Persecuted - Season of Blessing (Sermon Series)

June 4, 2017

Jesus was a realist and was very honest about the consequences of following Him. He said if you follow Me there are many people who aren't going to approve of your decison, they're not going to like it. "Blessed are those who are presecuted because they do what God requires; the Kingdom of heaven belongs to them!" What will be your response to such harassment? You can choose to Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed - Loved when you are persecuted. #persecution #happyarethose #blessedarethepersecuted


Finding Your Missing Peace - Season of Blessings (Sunday Sermon Series)

May 28, 2017

Matthew 5:9 "Happy are the peacemakers, for they will be called the sons of God."  In todays message we look at what does it take to Finding Your Missing Peace. If we want to have peace in our lives then we need to be peacemakers. So Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed -Loved and take the intiative to be a peacemaker. #peacemakers #blessed&happy #wakeupandlive


Season of Blessings - Happy From The Inside Out (Sunday Sermon Series)

May 21, 2017

As important as clean air, pure water and pure food are, there is a sense of purity Americans tend to overlook. Matthew 5:8 "Happy are the pure in heart, for they will see God." Happiness is a heart condition. It's not what goes on inside you, it's what comes out. Happiness is From the Inside Out. #seasonofblessing #pureinheart #wakeupandlive


You Get What You Give! - Season of Blessings (Sunday Sermon Series)

May 7, 2017

We're in a series on the Beatitudes - Jesus Secrets of Happiness. Four of these beatitudes deal with our relationship to God and four of them deal with our relationship to each other. Today we're going to look at Mercy which has to do with our relationship with others. Matthew 5:7 "Happy are the merciful, for they will have mercy shown to them." Jesus is saying You Get What You Give! Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed - Loved #mercy #yougetwhatyougive #wakeupandlive


Season of Blessing - Step Four - The Secret of Satisfaction (Sermon Series)

April 30, 2017

When you are thirsty or hungry, cost is immaterial. It doesn't matter what it cost, you got to have it! This is what it means to hunger and thirst for God. In this step The Secret of Satisfaction to living a blessed life I will give you three steps to real satisfaction. Wake Up and LiveEmpowered - Blessed - Loved  #satisfaction #seasonofblessing #wakeupandlive


Season Of Blessing - Step Three: Controlling My Reactions (Sermon Series)

April 23, 2017

This Sunday I continue on in the Season of Blessings. How to live a Happy (blessed) Life. Todays teaching is Step Three: Controlling My Reactions. The hardest and most understood attitude is meekness but it is way you and I inherit the earth according to Matthew 5:5 Happy are those who are meek, they shall inherit the earth. #meekness #seasonofblessing #wakeupandlivesunday #just1more


The Purpose of Easter - Fresh Start - (Sunday Sermon) WUAL

April 16, 2017

So many of us can miss the whole reason we celebrate Easter and why Jesus died and rose again. Today I look at The Purpose of Easter, A Fresh Start. Have you ever wished you could start something over in your life after being half way through? A marriage, career, relationship, college ect... What ever it is. Easter is just that giving you and I a Fresh Start. Wake Up and Live - Empower - Blessed - Love  #freshstart #easter #wakeupandlive


Season Of Blessing - Step Two: Healing A Broken Heart (Sermon Series)

April 8, 2017

All of us have experienced a Broken Heart at sometime in our life. Today as we continue in the Season of Blessing series, with the eight keys to live a happy and blessed life. I look Matthew 5:4 Blessed (Happy) are those who mourn, for they will be comforted. No matter the hurt that caused your broken heart God will bring you comfort so that you can be happy through any circumstances. Wake Up and Live: Empowered - Blessed -Loved by God #healingabrokenheart #seasonofblessing #wakeupandlive #just1more


Season Of Blessings - Step One (Sunday Sermon Series)

April 2, 2017

Everybody in the world today would probably say in life they just want to be happy. There was that song sung by Bobby McFerrin Don't Worry Be Happy. But for most people the pursuit of happiness is just that, a pursuit not something obtained. Over the next few weeks I am going to look at how you and I can live a blessed (happy) life by changing our attitudes in life. So in this Season of Blessings let's take the first to step on this journey. With the step of Humility #seasonofblessings #humilty #dontworrybehappy #wakeupandlive #just1more


Finding Treasures In The Darkness - Sunday Sermon Series

March 25, 2017

So many people I know are going through tough times with loss of loved ones, loss of health, loss of a job, an other loss in their life. During these times of sorrow and grief we can become consumed by a darkness of depression. But the bible tells us that it is in this exact place that God wants us to Find Treasures In The Darkness. Hidden in secret places God has conceled riches for you and I to find to bless us right in the middle of the messes of lives. #wakeupandlive #treasuresinthedarkness #godslove #just1more #sundaysermonseries


Season Of Waiting - Sermon Series

March 19, 2017

Have you ever had to wait on something in your life? All of us at sometime in life have had to wait either on a job, mate, healing.... Todays message Season Of Waiting I want to see how God uses these season to grow us and bless us. While we are waiting God is working! #seasonofwaiting #seasons #trust #growth 


Season of Loss - (In Memory of Matthew Flaig)

February 26, 2017

This Sunday Mornings message is about the Season of Loss that all of us will experince sometime in life. Just this last Friday my newphew at the age of 38 passed away in his sleep. So this is in memory of him. Life is full of losses that we all go through, seasons of grief, season of tragedy, seasons of loss. So we are going to look at 5 keys to recover from life's losses when you are in that season. #seasonofloss #just1more #sundaymornings #inmemoryofmatthew


Finding the Love of Your Life

February 18, 2017

In your life, two of the most important choices you're going to make are one, will I ever get married? That's a choice. And the second one is, if I do who is it going to be? In this message Finding the Love of Your Life, I want to look at the qualifications. The things you must have in your life and in your mate's life - in order to marry them. Plus the list of Deal Breakers. #dealbreakers #findtheloveofyourlife #just1more #godsword


Breaking an Addiction (Breaking Free Part 3)

February 4, 2017

This podcast I want us to look at "Breaking an Addiction or Habit". I dont care what your habit is. Everybody has got a bad habit. I want to give you nine Biblical steps. When you break a habit there is a spiritual part, a physical part, and an emotional part. I want to deal with the emotional and spiritual today. #just1more #breakingfree #breakinganaddiciton


Humility VS Pride (Season of Breaking Free Part 2)

January 29, 2017

We're continuing on in the series of "Breaking Free" from the habits, hurts, and hang-ups that mess up our life. In this message we are going to answer the question, how do I get God's power in my life to make the changes I want? The message is titled "Humility vs Pride" #just1more #breakingfree #humilityvspride


Why do I do what I don’t want to do? (Breaking Free Series Part 1)

January 22, 2017

In this message I lay the foundation of how you and I can break free from the bad habbits, hang ups, and things in our life we want to overcome. Today can be your turning point in your life. It doesn't matter where you've been, what matters is the direction your feet are headed right now. You don't have to be the same. You can change.


Jesus Focus (Message for the New Year 2017)

January 8, 2017

Well the new year is here! I wanted to do a message about what do we need to focus on and not focus on in the new year. In this podcast I look at what did Jesus Focus on during the curcifixtion, the time and place of the greatest victory. Because life has alot of ups and downs and no matter what we face God wants us to have victory. So what did Jesus Focus on? Take a listen.


Christmas is for Y’all (Season of Christmas)

December 18, 2016

This is my first message in the series called "Seasons". The Christmas season entiled "Christmas is For Y'all. We will focus on the three words "for all people" and look at the five things we learn about God from the story of Christmas. My new email is if you have any questions. Let me know if you made a decisoin to follow Christ.