There is No Other Option - Kingdom Swagger - WUAL (Episode 114)

September 22, 2017

Kingdom Swagger may be attractive. It may be life-giving. It  may be a sympton of a heart devoted to God. but what it is not, is optional. the way you dress, love, act, and speak just can't go in opposition to the spirit of the One that died on a cross for your sins. Worldly swagger just doesn't fit you anymore. There is No Other Option. So Wake Up and Live - Empowered (by the Holy Spirit) - Blessed (by Jesus) - Loved (by God) #nootheroption #kingdomswagger 


Jesus Isn’t Your Homeboy - Kingdom Swagger - WUAL (Episode 113)

September 21, 2017

Your childhood best friend is your homeboy. Your favorite barista is your homeboy. Jesus Isn't Your Homeboy: He is your Father, your Savior, your Redeemer, your Rock, your Salvation, your Lord, your Christ, your Shield, your Protector, your friend, and so much more. Is using that terminology wrong? No. but is it honoring His true nature? Not even close. In everything we do we are called to show honor and respect to one we call Savior. If we want Kingdom Swagger then we need the fear of the Lord in our lives. Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed - Loved #Jesusisntyourhomeboy #feartheLord #kingdomswagger 


The Holy Spirit - Kingdom Swagger - WUAL (Episode 112)

September 20, 2017

The Holy Spirit is in the business of exalting the name of Jesus, no matter the circumstances. Charles Stanley once said: "Earthly wisdom is doing what comes naturally'... Godly wisdom is doing what the Holy Spirit compels us to do." If you and I are going to walk with a Kingdom Swagger we need the Power of The Holy Spirit in our lives. Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed - Loved #Holyspirit #kingdomswagger 


Be The Change - Kingdom Swagger - WUAL (Episode 111)

September 19, 2017

You and I are called to be the oddballs, the different ones, the black sheep, and misfits in society, all for the sake of the gospel. Make today the starting point to turn things around. Embrace the courage and strength God has provided you through His son Jesus and make it your mission to Be The Change. Alice Cooper, famous rock and roller, said, "Drinking beer is easy. Trashing your hotel room is easy. But being a Christian, that's a tough call. That's real rebellion." Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed - Loved #bethechange #kingdomswagger 


Jesus Isn’t Hiring Part-time Disciples - Kingdom Swagger - WUAL (Episode 110)

September 18, 2017

Do you call yourself a Christian? Do you believe in the power of God's Word? Do you believe the Bible is the inerrant and inspired Word of God? If you answered yes to these questions congratualtions: You've just applied yourself for a life of full-time ministry. Jesus Isn't Hiring Part-time Disciple. He is looking for those with Kingdom Swagger to walk in Christ who lives in you. Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed - Loved #kingdomswagger #truedisciples  


Church Without Walls - Kingdom Swagger - WUAL (Episode 109)

September 15, 2017

Some say that no church building is actually ever mentioned in the New Testament. Instead people met and "broke bread" within the comfort of their homes (Acts 2:46) This doesn't make a church building wrong but it does make it nonessential. To think that we cannot praise, worship, serve or proclaim the love of Jesus without four walls and a pulpit is false beyond measure. Church Without Walls that shows love intentionally to the world is the Kingdom Swagger that we are called to walk in. Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed - Loved #churchwithoutwalls #intentionallove #kingdomswagger 


Love Is A Verb - Kingdom Swagger - WUAL (episode 108)

September 13, 2017

There is no one more who had Kingdom Swagger than Mother Teresa, I can't help but envision a woman who, without fear, let nothing stop her from sharing the love of God. No brokeness, no disease could keep her from helping the people she was called to shower in love. She didn't have any limitations on love. Her passion and purpose to love kept her heart focused on the ideology to "love because He first loves us" (1 John 4:19). She Truly knew that Love Is A Verb. So today whether your at home, work or school show the love of Christ to everyone you come across. Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed - Loved #loveisaverb #lovewithoutlimits #kingdomswagger 


Four Things God’s Love Won’t Hold Against You - Kingdom Swagger - WUAL (Episode 108)

September 11, 2017

Do you ever question whether or not you are good enough to be a Christian, or holy enough to be loved by God? Today we look the Four Things God's Love Won't Hold Against You and how to Love Without Limits. Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed - Loved #lovewithoutlimits #kingdomswagger #4thingsgodslove 


Six Ways To Have A LukeWarm Relationship with God - Kingdom Swagger - WUAL (episode 107)

September 8, 2017

A committed lifestlye doesn't happen overnight. We must ask ourselves where our roots are truly planted, and make a decision to get away from lukewarm faith. I am sharing today Five ways to get closer to God and Six Ways To Have A Lukewarm Relationship with God. Choose today to make sure your planted in good soil, if your not ask God to replant you today. Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed - Loved #lukewarm #kingdomswagger #goodsoil 


Six Things Jesus Didn’t Die For - Kingdom Swagger - WUAL (Episode 106)

September 8, 2017

The reckless and powerful grace has saved us from being children of wrath, instead opened up the door to God's eternal love and mercy. We have been delivered from our brokeness, and instead set free by the underserved grace and favor of God.  When we recognize the Six Things Jesus Didn't Die For we can walk in Kingdom Swagger for the things He die for. Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed - Loved  #kingdomswagger #Jesusdidntdiefor #grace 


Poser Christianity - Kingdom Swagger - WUAL (Episode 105)

September 5, 2017

God is lookng for Christ followers, not religious posers. Romans 12:2 Don't copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let god transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God's will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect. When we conform to the world without even relaizing it our Kingdom Swagger turns into nothing more than Poser Christianity. So today instead Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed - Loved #kingdomswagger #poserchristianity #WUAL 


Walk The Walk - Kingdom Swagger - WUAL (Episode 104)

September 4, 2017

Kingdom Swagger is all about your life being infected with the love of Christ. Being different, noticeably different, so much so that people wonder, what is different about that person? It's a life style that resembles Jesus to the fullest. Walk The Walk withstanding anything the world throws at you. Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed - Loved #kingdomswagger #walkthewalk