It’s Not his Fault - God Is good Pt 6 - Sunday Sermon Series

February 18, 2018

The will of God has been a much debated subject, which I often find quite entertaining. Masking our unblief with a spinless theology is the greatest deception. Today It's Not His Fault, we will answer the questions, What's in your wallet? Who is in control? God Is Good more than I could even think but we have to understand free will and choices. Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed - Loved #Godisgood #itsnothisfault #freewill


Love Requires Judgement - God Is Good Pt 5 - Sunday Message Series

February 11, 2018

Love Requires Judgement if it's to be be real love. Love without judgement is apathetic, lethargic, and passionless; it really isn't love at all. God Is Good and the favor upon me must benifit the people under my influence, or it is misused. When God gives us a promise, it's as though He has gone into our future and brought back the word needed to get us where He wants us to be. Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed - Loved #Godisgood #loverequiresjudgement #favoredtoinfluence


The Old Has A New Purpose - God Is Good Pt 4

February 4, 2018

Even though one series cannot promise to answer the thousand of questions you might have, there is one sure answer that will keep your heart steady in uncertain times, strengthen your spirit through the valleys of life, and encourage you to keep praying, keep believing, and keep trusting. That answer is simply: God is Good. So as we see the prototype of what was to come by realizing The Old Has A New Purpose. Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed - Loved #newpurpose #GodisGood 


Purpose of the Old Testament - God is Good - Sunday Messages

January 28, 2018

What you believe about God determines everything. It can either fuel your prayer life with faith and expectation or quench it with uncertainty and doubt. You either see a faithful Father who never changes and is always faithful, or you see a detached diety whose character is unpredictable. The Purpose of the Old Testament  points us to the a life in Jesus and a reality of God is Good and your understanding of the God's goodness paints the way you interact with everyday life. Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed - Loved #Godisgood #purposeoftheoldtestament #wakeupandlive 


In The Beginning - God Is Good Pt 2 - Sunday Sermon Series

January 15, 2018

Today I continue on in the Sunday Sermon series God Is Good. Because God is better than I think, I must adjust my thinking and tenderness of my heart until I live conscious of both His nature and His presence. And that awareness then become the reality I live from. To do this we need to look at In The Beginning where it all started where our authority had been giving, where it had been lost, then where it has been purchased back by Jesus Christ on the cross. Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed - Loved #Godisgood #authority #atthecross  


Conflict Over Goodness - God Is Good Pt1 - Sunday Sereis - WUAL

December 31, 2017

There is a common thought among many that God causes or allows evil to take place so He can display His mercy. That would be like me breaking my child's arm to show my ability to give her comfort, and then using my skills to rest the broken bone. People ask me, "What about Job?" My response is, "What aboout Jesus?" What you believe about the statement God Is Good and His goodness impacts every aspect of your life. We start this sereis looking at the Conflict Over Goodness and then by the renewing of our minds open up to a whole new life. Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed - Loved #Godisgood #conflictovergoodness #renwedmind