W2 Saturday Morning Worship & The Word (Matthew 7) Remix

March 31, 2017

This morning we are in Matthew chapter 7.  Refuel after a long week with great praise music and the Word of God. If all we do is pour out and not take in we will become empty. W2 - Word & Worship is here to start the reenergizing process. #W2 #word&worship #refuel #wordofgod


Best Year Ever - Wake Up and Live (Episode 32)

March 30, 2017

For so many of us we live year to year just hoping that God might shower us with His favor. Instead I compel to you that this is the Best Year Ever for ever year of your life. Because ever year is the year of God's favor. So Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed - Overflowing Favor - Love by God. #wakeupandlive #godsfavor #just1more #blessedlife #empoweredlife #Overflowingfavorlife


No More Turning - Wake Up and Live (Episode 31)

March 29, 2017

If I asked you what does God think of you? The answer of that question for most people would depend on how they been living lately whether or not they think God likes them or if He is disapponted in them. Today I want you to realize in this message that there is No More Turning with God when it come to His Favor and goodness and love. Wake Up and Live today in the knowledge that God wants pour out His favor on you. #godsfavor #wakeupandlive #just1more #nomoreturning


Am I Seeing Clearly? - Wake Up and Live (Episode 30)

March 28, 2017

Take a fresh look around you with eyes that cut through the daily distortions and see the undeniable and extravagant goodness of God. It may be as simple as the transit bus waiting for you on the moring ride! But whatever it is the question we must ask Am I Seeing Clearly? Today Wake Up and Live with a new vision for your day and life. #godsgoodness #wakeupanlive #seeingclearly #justonemore


New Crowdfunding Project

March 28, 2017

Welcome to Wake Up and Live. Today I began a new crowdfunding project at https://patron.podbean.com/wakeupandlive so please check it out and pray how you can be involved. Thank you for listening and may the Lord keep you and bless you each day.

Are You Running On Empty? - Wake Up and Live (Episode 29)

March 26, 2017

As we start the beggining of a new work week are you already exhausted? Are you feeling overloaded? Are You Running on Empty? One sure way God let us know if we are close to empty is when we loose our joy. So today Wake Up and Live with a new sense of joy in your life. Take time to refuel your tank. #runningonempty #resotrejoy #wakeupandlive #just1more


Finding Treasures In The Darkness - Sunday Sermon Series

March 25, 2017

So many people I know are going through tough times with loss of loved ones, loss of health, loss of a job, an other loss in their life. During these times of sorrow and grief we can become consumed by a darkness of depression. But the bible tells us that it is in this exact place that God wants us to Find Treasures In The Darkness. Hidden in secret places God has conceled riches for you and I to find to bless us right in the middle of the messes of lives. #wakeupandlive #treasuresinthedarkness #godslove #just1more #sundaysermonseries


W2 Saturday Morning Worship & Word (Matthew 6) Gospel Mix

March 24, 2017

Listen to Saturday Morning Worship & Word as we continue in Matthew with chapter 6. This week is a gospel mix so take next 30 minutes to refuel your mind, spirit and soul. #worship&word #refuel #matthew6


Living A Hallelujah Life In Spite Of…. - Wake Up and Live (Episode 28)

March 24, 2017

How do you and I live A Hallelujah Life In Spite Of our grief over the loss of something in our life. Todays message I want us to begin to see that our grief is a part of our growth and how God himeself grieves. But in the end that no matter what we face, we are able to Wake Up and Live a Hallelujah life. #hallelujahlife #grief #wakeupandlive #just1more


What Is Your One Thing? (Holy Discontent pt2) - Wake Up and Live (Episode 27)

March 23, 2017

This morning we continue on with our call to a Holy Discontent. What Is Your One Thing? What is it that burns so deeply in your soul and cries out in every part of your mind? Whatever it is God wants you to begin to fight, fight, fight with all you have to see this one thing to make a difference in your daily life. Wake Up and Live today fighting for your ONE THING. #youronething #wakeupandlive #holydiscontent


I Can’t Stands No More (Holy Discontent) - Wake Up and Live (Episode 26)

March 22, 2017

Have you ever asked yourself, what drives people to do amazing things to change the world? When like Popeye they say "That's all I can stands, I can't stands no more. I suggest to you that these people have a Holy Discontent with something they have seen in the world and want to make a difference. So Wake Up and Live today ask yourself what is your Holy Discontent that you can't stands anymore. #wakeupandllive #just1more #discontent


Let Jesus Take The Final Shot -Wake Up and Live (Episode 25)

March 21, 2017

The crazy time of March Madness is here. We have seen great games with some upsets and close endings. The emotions of winning and losing are real. But you and I are in the game of life and it is who we have on our team that makes the biggest difference. Who are you going let take the final shot?  Have you ever felt like a mistake you made in life has caused you to loose out in life? Well today on Wake Up and Live what if we Let Jesus Take The Final Shot! #finalshot #letjesustkaethefinalshot #wakeupandlive #just1more #crosshasfinalsay


Season Of Waiting - Sermon Series

March 19, 2017

Have you ever had to wait on something in your life? All of us at sometime in life have had to wait either on a job, mate, healing.... Todays message Season Of Waiting I want to see how God uses these season to grow us and bless us. While we are waiting God is working! #seasonofwaiting #seasons #trust #growth 


W2 Word & Worship - Matthew Chapter 5

March 18, 2017

Join me as we continue in Matthew chapter 5. We all need to set apart time just to allow God to refuel us. So take the next 30 mins and let the Worship & Word (W2) refresh you this Saturday morning. #matthewchap5 #W2 #worship&word


What Does Wisdom Require of Me? - Wake Up and Live (Episode 24)

March 17, 2017

This morinig I ask you the question that was asked of me this morning. What Does Wisdom Require of Me? So many times in life we can ignore the hard questions that come on our way. But when we seek wisdom from the creator and all knowing Father who loves us the answer will come. Wake Up and Live today!!! #wisdom #wakeupandlive


Breaking Denial in Our Life - Wake Up and Live (Episode 23)

March 14, 2017

We all have areas in our life that we are in denial. In todays Wake Up and Live I want to challenge us in allowing the truth to set us free. Breaking Denial in Our Life isn't always easy but when we allow Jesus to establish a new truth inside us we no longer have to live in denial. #breakngdenial #truthsetyoufree #wakeupandlive #just1more


Return To Me - Wake Up and Live (Episode 22)

March 12, 2017

Do you have a broken relationship with a child that you so desire to see it restored? Are you that son or daughter that longs to go back and be held and loved again? Today Wake Up and Live and recieve renewed hope with an encouragement of Return To Me. The story of the prodigal son in Matthew gives us an amazing picture of a Fathers love and compasion to a son that had left and returned. #returntome #fatherslove #wakeupandlive #just1more


W2 Worship & Word Matthew Chapter 4

March 11, 2017

Todays Saturday morning W2 -Worship & Word we continue in Matthew chapter 4 and some great worship. Get refueled before you start your day and weekend. #refuel #W2 #worship&word #justmore


What Was Jesus Bucket List? - Wake Up and Live (Episode 21)

March 10, 2017

Today as I Wake Up and Live on my birthday. I want to ask you What Was Jesus Bucket List? Jesus knew his life was going to come to end here on earth and He lived that life with purpose to fulfill his destiny. Are you living your life to fulfill your destiny? #jesusbucketlist #wakeupandlive #just1more


What If God Wikileaked Your Thoughts -Wake Up and Live (Episode 20)

March 8, 2017

If God were to Wikileak your thoughts to the world for everyone to read, what would it reveal about you and your life in Christ. All of us at times have thoughts come into our mind that are not what we would want people to know. But are we taking the thoughts captive that come against the things of God. Wake Up and Live today with your thoughts dwelling on the things that are noble, just, pure, and lovely and praiseworthy... #guardyourthoughts #wikileakthoughts #wakeupandlive #just1more


Hope Floats - Wake Up and Live (Episode 19)

March 7, 2017

What are some of the dreams that God has placed in your heart? Have they faded as a result of hopelessness? Or, maybe you stopped dream altogether. Today I want to remind you that Hope Floats! God is working in the midst even when we cannot see Him. So Wake Up and Live today asking God to increase your anchor of hope to match the greatness of His promises. #hopefloats #wakeupandlive #just1more #doubleblessings


Fix Your Focus - Wake Up and Live (Episode 18)

March 6, 2017

So many things in life can steal our focus and Jesus says that if we want our needs to be meant then we need to Fix Our Focus on the things of the Kingdom of God. Today Wake Up and Live with your priorities in line with Gods and His promise to meet all your needs will be fullfilled. #fixyourfocus #godmeetsyourneeds #wakeupandlive #just1more


What A Beautiful Name It Is - Wake Up and Live (Episode 17)

March 5, 2017

This morning on Wake Up and Live I wanted to share the power in the name of Jesus. Take a momment and just begin to speak the name of Jesus over your life, your situation and begin to see what that name can do. There is no other name that can cause such controversy than Jesus, but there is no other name with such POWER and HEALING and COMFORT than Jesus What A  Beautiful Name It Is...  #Jesus #Beautifulname #wakeupandlive #just1more


W2 Saturday Morning Word and Worship (Matthew 1-3)

March 4, 2017

After a long week we all need to refuel our mind, body and souls. So this new podcast

W2 for Word and Worship will be each Satuday morining for you to refuel your life. Todays reading is Matthew 1-3 #wordandworship #just1more #refuel


Suddenly Season - Wake Up and Live (Episode 16)

March 2, 2017

Have you ever said the words "I am at the end of my rope". I know I have and many times in life we feel like we are at the end. Maybe your at the end of your rope emotionally, finacially, physically what ever it is today the God of the suddenly wants to come and change your situation. Wake Up and Live today not just hanging on but elevating above. #suddenlymoment #wakeupandlive #just1more #endofmyrope