Oh How He Loves Us -Wake Up and Live (Episode 15)

February 28, 2017

Understanding the answer to this one question, How Much Does God Love ME? If you grasp the width, depth, length, and height of Gods love for you, it will change your life forever. God wants to encounter you and for you to feel and encounter His amazing love. Wake Up and Live today knowing how much God loves you! #godslove #wakeupandlive #just1more #encountergodslove


Jesus Interrupted - Wake Up and Live (Episode 14)

February 27, 2017

Have you ever been interrupted in life? What was your response to that interruption? Jesus was Interrupted many times throught the gospels and His response may surprise you! It was during those interruptions that Jesus performed some of the greatest miracles. So today Wake Up and Live and don't miss an opportunity to make an iterruption into a miracle. #jesusinterrupted #wakeupandlive #just1more


Season of Loss - (In Memory of Matthew Flaig)

February 26, 2017

This Sunday Mornings message is about the Season of Loss that all of us will experince sometime in life. Just this last Friday my newphew at the age of 38 passed away in his sleep. So this is in memory of him. Life is full of losses that we all go through, seasons of grief, season of tragedy, seasons of loss. So we are going to look at 5 keys to recover from life's losses when you are in that season. #seasonofloss #just1more #sundaymornings #inmemoryofmatthew


This We Know (Gods Will) - Wake Up and Live (Episode 13)

February 24, 2017

So many times in the Bible tells us This We Know.... But when it comes to knowing Gods will, we can be so unsure or confused. Today on Wake Up and Live we are looking at Five ways Gods speaks to us in knowing His will. #thisweknow #godswill #wakeupandlive #just1more


Conversation with Ezra Stanton, Harris Holsapple IV, TJ Gorum

February 23, 2017

In this episode of Conversations I have the privilledge to speak with three amazing pastors. Ezra Stanton of Missions Church, Austin Texas, Harris Holsapple IV, of Open Bible Church, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and TJ Gorum of Impact Fellewship Church in Hawaii. In our conversation we talked about being a Sr. pastor in the first year.


Five Relationships We All Need - Wake Up and Live (Episode 12)

February 22, 2017

 Every one of us needs atleast five types of key relationships. Different kinds of relationships help us in various ways. Today we look at the Five Relationships We All Need! "You are the same today as you'll be in five years except for two things, the books you read and the people you meet." We need all the help we can get. #relationships #just1more #visioncaster #soulshapeners #mentors #hearthealers #tailkickers


Five Traits of Expectation -Wake Up and Live (Episode 11)

February 21, 2017

You will never change the hopes of a city, a family, a career, or another person until your expectations are raised. Your hope level only rises when expectations are elevated. Today on Wake Up and Live! I look at five attitudes and actions that will help you become a person who EXPECTS great things. #greatexpectation #hope #wakeupandlive #just1more


5 Supply Lines to Refuel Your Life - Wake Up and Live (Episode 10)

February 20, 2017

Near the start of World War II, German Field Marshall Erwin Rommel practically drove the British out of Northern Africa, earning  the respect of both foe and friend, and the nickname "Desert Fox". But by the fall of 1941, Rommel found himself forced to retreat almost to his orignal position. Why? One factor turned victory into defeat - he ran ahead of his supply lines. Rommel's army basically ran out of gas. Staying encouraged requires five supply lines that keep you spiritually and emotionally fueled. Wake Up and Live today full of all the power God has for you to finsh your race! #5supplylines #just1more #wakeupandlive #godspower #refuelyourlife


Finding the Love of Your Life

February 18, 2017

In your life, two of the most important choices you're going to make are one, will I ever get married? That's a choice. And the second one is, if I do who is it going to be? In this message Finding the Love of Your Life, I want to look at the qualifications. The things you must have in your life and in your mate's life - in order to marry them. Plus the list of Deal Breakers. #dealbreakers #findtheloveofyourlife #just1more #godsword


5 Passion Killers -Wake Up and Live (Episode 9)

February 17, 2017

There are so many nonessentials things in our life that drain us and take away our fuel supply and cause us to crash and burn. Today I am sharing 5 Passion Killers that you need to rid your life of. Wake Up and Live today with passion, expectation, and with a heart full of HOPE. #passionkillers #wakeupandlive #just1more #hopearise


Hope Factors - Wake Up and Live (Episode 8)

February 16, 2017

Wake up and Live! Today we continue on with Hope Changes Everything. This message we look at the seven hope factors that will change our lives. #hopefactors #wakeupandlive #just1more


Hope Initiates - Wake Up and Live (Episode 7)

February 15, 2017

Good Morning and Wake Up and Live! Today God wants to intiate the hope that will set you free to dream. Dream big, allow the desires of your heart to be set free and become reality. #hopeinitiates #wakeupandlive #dreambigdreams


Hope Motivates -Wake Up and Live (Episode 6)

February 13, 2017

Wake Up and Live this morning and may this be a hopeful day. Some wise person said that we can live about forty days without food, about three dayswithout water, about eight minutes without air -but not a single second without hope! So this week I will be speaking on the positive influences of hope with todays encouragment Hope Motivates. #just1more #hopemotivates #wakeupandlive


Conversation with Hope Reid - Season of Loss

February 12, 2017

Many of us have experienced the loss of a loved one. In this podcast I am having a conversation with Hope Reid who lost her husband to pancreatic cancer leaving her and their two sons. Her story is story of tragedy but more than that a story of great hope and comfort of how God can give us a new eternal perspective. So if you are experiencing a season loss, know that God is sadden along with you but also is there to be a comfort to you. #conversationhopereid #seasonofloss #just1more



Be The Real You - Wake Up and Live (Episode 5)

February 10, 2017

Wake Up and Live today! Todays encouragement is take off the mask and "Be The Real You". so many times in life we wear masks to cover up our sins or cover up our shame but today God want you to take off the mask. God can't bless the fake you but He can revoluntionize the real you!


Are You Listening? - Wake Up and Live (Episode 4)

February 9, 2017

Are you listening? Because God is speaking. The word says in Proverbs "Everyone who listens to me and obeys my instructions will be given wisdom and good sense." God speaks continually usaully through promptings in our thoughts and heart. The question is are you listening and obeying? I encourage you today as you Wake Up and Live open the ears to your heart and hear Jesus!


Remember What God Has Done - Wake Up and Live (Episode 3)

February 8, 2017

Today remember what God has done in your life! Read Joshua 4 where God told Joshua to have the twelve tribes of Israel to stack 12 stones to show and remind their children of the miracles God had done for Israel. Begin today to start your own memorial to the great things God has done in your life. Wake Up and Live everyday knowing that what God has done before He can do again. #stakingstones #wakeupandlive #remembering


Your Due Season - Wake Up and Live (Episode 2)

February 7, 2017

Todays Episode of Wake Up and Live. God has a Due Season for you! No matter what you been facing and wonder if it will every change today could be that a Suddenly God changes it all. Keep believing!


Understanding Thier Story- Wake Up and Live (Episode 1) Feb 6, 2017 14:26

February 6, 2017

Listen to my new morning chat called Wake up and Live. I want to come each morning with a quick word of encouragement as we start the day.


Breaking an Addiction (Breaking Free Part 3)

February 4, 2017

This podcast I want us to look at "Breaking an Addiction or Habit". I dont care what your habit is. Everybody has got a bad habit. I want to give you nine Biblical steps. When you break a habit there is a spiritual part, a physical part, and an emotional part. I want to deal with the emotional and spiritual today. #just1more #breakingfree #breakinganaddiciton